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In this interactive, step-by-step webinar series, we will be uncovering practical tactics and processes useful for conducting and documenting allegations of compliance violations, fraud, harassment, discrimination, theft and other employee misconduct. Our two day webinars include the classes 7 Steps to Investigate Alleged Employee Misconduct and Writing Comprehensive Investigative Reports conducted by expert trainers.

Corporate Compliance Solutions and Services

Global Compliance is the leading global provider of comprehensive, integrated corporate compliance solutions. Global Compliance serves small and large, public and private organizations by providing a full range of offerings necessary to achieve the highest degree of ethical behavior and corporate compliance. Our ethics and compliance services include Ethics Hotlines, Compliance and Ethics Training and Education including Preventing Sexual Harassment Training, Expert Advice from the Ethical Leadership Group - our business ethics consultants, and Performance and Benchmarking.

In providing ethics and corporate compliance solutions to thousands of clients worldwide, in both private and public organizations, Global Compliance knows firsthand what study after study has confirmed: organizations that implement effective programs reduce the risk of catastrophic financial and reputational losses from their employees and their third party vendor and supplier partners.

Global Compliance believes ethics and corporate compliance is about much more than keeping your organization out of trouble -- it is ultimately about improving organizational performance. In fact, research indicates that there is a "Corporate Responsibility Premium," which shows that organizations that implement ethics and compliance solutions outperform their peers based on overall financial performance.

The bottom line: organizations should strive for a culture of integrity because it is compliant with the law, it’s "the right thing to do," it reduces risk -- and it leads to better performance. In other words, it’s Good for BusinessSM.

When Corporate Culture Becomes a Public Relations Nightmare

The truth is that great corporate cultures don’t happen by accident, but bad ones do. All it takes is for an organization to look the other way, to focus on other priorities and to believe that its culture will somehow take care of itself.

Reconsidering Risk: Do Compliance Officers and CEOs Even Speak the Same Language?

What could participating in a forecasting tournament teach me about risk? Not much, I imagined, but I was wrong.

Merger of Global Compliance, ELT and EthicsPoint Creates a Major Force for GRC Convergence

The completed merger expands on each organization’s strengths, providing clients with a single, comprehensive resource to help protect their organizations from adverse risk, enhance their corporate cultures and drive better business results.

GRC Convergence: Easier Said Than Done

There’s a growing demand for organizations to integrate their Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) functions, and convergence seems supported by both common sense and good business sense – so how come so few organizations have actually done it?

The Compliance Paradox: While Ethics Cultures Falter, Compliance Programs Grow

Recently, we wrote about the 2011 National Business Ethics Survey. and its finding that as the economy slowly improved, companies’ ethics cultures were weakening. Now, the annual compliance survey conducted by the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE) and the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA) has been released, and it tells a slightly different story – the compliance function in many organizations is growing stronger

Global Compliance, ELT, and EthicsPoint Shake Up GRC Industry with Merger

Global Compliance is excited to announce our intent to merge with ELT Inc. and EthicsPoint, Inc. The combined company will play a leading role in the Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) industry with the capacity to meet the expanding needs of customers all over the world.

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Industry Leaders Merge to Form Leading Ethics and Compliance Company

ELT, EthicsPoint and Global Compliance Complete Merger, Forming Largest Full-Service Governance, Risk and Compliance Company.

Allen Interactions and Global Compliance Garner Silver Award for Harassment e-Learning Course

The award-winning e-learning course, Preventing Workplace Harassment and Discrimination is an innovative, immersive multimedia learning experience, written and approved by in-house expert advisers with proven legal experience in the field of harassment.

Global Compliance and RISQ Group to Deliver Compliance and Risk Management Solutions throughout Asia-Pacific

Partnership to Offer Whistleblower Hotline and Investigative Services To Help Clients Maintain Comprehensive GRC Programs

Global Compliance Announces Nationwide Ethics Essay Contest for High School Seniors

The contest winner will receive $1,000 to use towards earning a college or other post-high school degree!

JPMorgan Chase and Madoff?

Expert Advisor, Katrina Campbell's recent Marketplace report on NPR

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